21+ Sights to See on a Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Train Adventure!

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7 min readNov 5, 2018


Rocky Mountaineer is “Bucket-List” Train Trip through the Canadian Rockies!

Imagine seeing the Canadian Rockies while riding in the comfort of a luxury train. That’s Rocky Mountaineer — a “bucket-list” train trip through the majesty of the Rockies.

As a travel blogger and Rocky Mountaineer partner, I was invited as Rocky Mountaineer’s guest to see for myself the special sights you’ll get to see as a luxury train traveler.

Let me warn you, when you finish your journey with Rocky Mountaineer, you will have so, so many spectacular shots that you will spend hours savoring them. I started this post with the title, “7 Sights to See…” I just couldn’t stop there and had trouble stopping at 21+!

In case you just wanted to see some of the photos and book your trip right away, I thought I’d share a bunch up front and give you a link to how to book your trip: How to Book Your Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Train Ride!

For those who’d like a longer trip through my photos, the journey continues below!


1. Lake Louise (directly above)

Emerald in color, it captivates. As you begin to research your trip to the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia, you’ll quickly see breathtaking shots of Lake Louise. You’ll get to take a few yourself! (By the way, all of my photos in this post were taken simply using my iPhone 8.)

2. Lobby of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Overlooking the stunning Lake Louise in the heart of Banff National Park, this Fairmont chateau-style resort boasts a lobby that must be seen. I caught a glimpse while on an excursion to the Lake. (We parked and explored from there.) (I got to stay at the Fairmont Vancouver at the end of my trip. Wow!)

3. The Ride to Banff

If you’re flying to Canada for the train adventure, you’ll be greeted by a luxury bus (very comfortable seats, restroom onboard, and a driver who will entertain you on your ride to Banff, where you’ll stay before the start of your train journey). Pay attention as you go — your ride will go by quickly — and you’ll get to see very quickly that you made the right choice for your vacation travel! The trip you take to Banff is a great introduction to the beauty of Western Canada. It’s also a nice way to get you started on seeing great sights from a comfortable seat!

Take photos during your ride!

4. The Rocky Mountains, of course!

A gondola will bring you to the summit of Sulphur Mountain in Banff. From here, you’ll have absolutely glorious views of the surrounding mountain ranges!

5. Adirondack chairs. 6. Banff’s version of the “Game of Thrones” “Iron Throne” 7. A Sparkling Grizzly.

From atop Sulphur Mountain, you’ll have a 360 view of the Canadian Rockies. Soak in some sun and enjoy the views from the viewing deck’s Adirondack chairs. And step inside to the Sky Bistro for a bite and beverage. (I enjoyed both. They have some high-end appetizers and meal options and a surprisingly good selection of craft beers and wines.) Snoop around until you find Banff’s version the “Game of Thrones” Iron Throne. Of course, theirs is made of maple wood (okay, I’m guessing the wood type). And, while you’re on the observation deck, be sure to take a selfie with the sparkling Grizzly!

8. Freshly-made Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Canadian Bacon!

You can have elegant Eggs Benedict or hearty Oatmeal or fluffy French Toast for your onboard breakfast. But why would you when you’re riding through the Canadian Rockies?! Picture this: sourdough pancakes with real Maple Syrup and Canadian Bacon! YUM! (And you can have the others later!)

9. Panoramas from the viewing platform

Feel the breeze of the train as it rides the tracks. Step out back onto the viewing platform and get a whole new perspective on the sights you see. Seeing them from the comfort of your seat is quite fine, but stepping out back onto the platform is quite refreshing and fun (yes, bring a windbreaker or a jacket along).

Sometimes you’ll have the platform to yourself. Other times you’ll share it with others. Either way, you’ll enjoy the experience and add a whole new variety of photos and videos to your collection!

10. Rivers and 11. Lakes and 12. Mountain Waterfalls

You’ll have plenty of time enjoying the Canadian Rockies, the trees and mountains. But as your train makes its course, you’ll get to see a beautiful variety of water features. I smile as I think of them!

13. - 17. Beautiful Smiles!

Add a few more to the number! Every member of the Rocky Mountaineer family — and there were quite a few (as a luxury travel experience, Rocky Mountaineer provides a sizeable staff), had a beautiful smile. And they were genuine! These are talented, caring people who are quick to share a smile!

18. The “Red Carpet” Treatment

The red carpet announces you will be pampered!

19. The Wise Owl. 20. The Stuffed Grizzly. 21. The Real Grizzly.

You will be immersed in nature and wildlife throughout your journey. The photo of the grizzly on the far right is one I snapped on my very first day in Canada, on an excursion to Johnston Canyon. We pulled over as our eagle-eyed bus driver spotted the grizzly and invited us to take photos from a safe distance. The owl and the stuffed bear? A nature reserve a short shuttle just outside of Vancouver.

There you have it, 21 sights not to miss!

But actually, don’t worry. If you miss these, you’ll have plenty other amazing sights to see! I didn’t labor of which photos to share in this post. I pretty much added in the ones that caught my eye first. You will have so many amazing memories from your Rocky Mountaineer journey that they will keep you smiling for the rest of your days! A bucket-list journey checked!

And let’s continue our journeys together!

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May you always travel with a smile! :)