“All aboard!” — for a Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Train Adventure through the Canadian Rockies!

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6 min readAug 5, 2021


You literally get the “red carpet” treatment from the start of your Rocky Mountaineer adventure!

Glen Gilmore, known as “Travel Esquire”, is a Rocky Mountaineer travel partner who has traveled to over seventy countries. Called a “man of action” by TIME magazine, he has paraglided in Croatia, scuba-dived in Thailand, and camel-trekked across the Wadum Rum desert. He calls travel on Rocky Mountaineer, “the luxury travel experience of a lifetime!”

“All aboard!” (Canadian — and US travelers!)

Rocky Mountaineer, the only private train permitted to ride through the Canadian Rockies, is thrilled to be welcoming guests once again aboard its luxury train! It suspended its operations for all of 2020, and resumed welcoming guests July 5th, 2021!

“Into the Rockies, we go!”

The start of the summer offered Canadians a unique travel experience on Rocky Mountaineer as travel restrictions to Canada from abroad made the luxury train trip a distinctly Canadian adventure. And a variety of special initiatives for Canadians to celebrate travel within Canada continue to make this bucket-list journey a special opportunity for Canadians! And special savings incentives with its luxury hotel partner, Fairmont Hotels, make this year’s adventure even more enticing for everyone!

The elegant and the iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

US residents dreaming of taking a luxury train ride through the Rockies just got great news — a date for the return of US tourism travel to Canada: beginning August 6, 2021!

For the latest governmental travel information, you can click here.

Canadians and US residents don’t need to travel far for epic, luxury adventures!

US residents, like their Canadian cousins, too often overlook the epic travel opportunities close at hand, like a ride through the Canadian Rockies. It is a travel adventure of a lifetime! You deserve to see the magnificent Rockies on a luxury train! There is no better way!

After a year and a half of rough riding, you deserve to be pampered — and to experience a journey that will give you many, many new happy memories of wonder and delight!

The Canadian Rockies? Majestic. Unspoiled. Soaring. Teaming with wildlife and natural wonders. For all these reasons we have a good sense that they’d be a bear to climb (not to mention running the risk of running into bears!).

Natural beauty that cannot be forgotten captured from the open-air platform of the moving train.

Rocky Mountaineer lets you soar into the Rockies in luxury, savoring the sites, while also savoring the comfort of luxury surroundings — and gourmet meals interspersed with delightful drinks and treats served to you at your seat.

Luxury is what Rocky Mountaineer does best! Your welcome on board the train makes you feel like royalty — and that feeling never leaves you as you are catered to for your entire journey: your favorite beverage and snacks will quickly find their way to your captain’s chair, a comfortable, well-cushioned seat with customizable settings that easily welcomed my 6'4" frame.

You’ll quickly understand why luxury train travel is so popular!

And throughout your journey, an engaging variety of entertaining and informative hosts will help point out the history and glory of sites you see along the way. And all passengers are enlisted to keep an eye out for special wildlife (“Bear on the right!” “Eagle on the left!”).

A perfect journey for couples, but also great for a solo adventure or family vacation!

What could be more romantic than a luxury train ride? It’s a bucket-list adventure for couples! Quality time. No stress. Oohing and ahhing together at so many wonderful things to see. No chores for anyone, just relaxation. Savoring sites as you savor fun drinks, snacks, and gourmet feasts!

My first Rocky Mountaineer was as a solo traveler — and I loved it! I was able to enjoy much-need relaxation and also enjoy the company of the train’s very friendly riders and staff. As a solo traveler, you will leave the train not only with a spectacular portfolio of photos and videos and memories but also many new, dear friends. (As a GoldLeaf passenger, I ate in the dining car and tried to mix up the guests I would eat with to expand the circle of those I knew. It worked and it was fun!)

And families get an adventure they can all share together regardless of abilities or limitations. My heart was warmed as I enjoyed watching a multi-generational family (parents, grandparents, kids/grandkids) from England savor their time together. Since Rocky Mountaineer is made for luxury, everything is easily accessible, enjoyable and memorable. I only wish I could gather my family together for a luxury ride with Rocky Mountaineer! If you can, do. Thank me later!

Safety? Rocky Mountaineer excels at customer comfort — and safety!

As a luxury travel company, Rocky Mountaineer is expert at focusing on customer comfort and safety. Rocky Mountaineer has studied every aspect of its operations to ensure that it excels at meeting the latest COVID-19 regulations and safety guidelines.

Among the measures to ensure passenger comfort, peace of mind, and safety:

  • Every guest and team member traveling on the train will undergo extensive health screening, including a rapid COVID-19 screening test before the start of the train journey.
  • Thorough sanitization and disinfection procedures are in place. Every train seat and tray table is sanitized prior to each travel day. High-touch areas, including railings and restrooms, are sanitized throughout the travel day.
  • Train cars are equipped with high-end air filtration systems that remove 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria and ensure a steady intake and circulation of fresh air.
  • Operations have been adjusted to provide more space between travel groups and added glass barriers between tables in the dining room.
  • Masks: Under current regulations, guests will be required to wear a
    protective face covering, though not while eating or drinking.
  • Physical distancing: Guests will be seated in the rail cars in accordance with the regulations at the time of travel.
  • Foodservice: Meals onboard are plated and served to each guest
    individually. In the GoldLeaf dining room on the Canadian
    routes, guests will be seated with their travel party and barriers will be installed between tables.
The covered platform allows passengers to enjoy fresh air and fresh views!

In the lap of luxury and safety, spoil yourself this year with a luxury ride through the Canadian Rockies with Rocky Mountaineer! (And, yes, it's true, they’re even bringing their luxury train adventures to a route in the US West!)

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“All aboard!!!”